Monday, March 12, 2012

Why do I write?

I suppose people write for a variety of reasons. Some write for pleasure, some write for their job, and probably a plethora of other reasons. I write my own blog for therapy. I'm not good at talking to people in real life, most of them live inside this little box. I have few friends and honestly, I probably drive my husband crazy when I talk for hours at the end of the day because I have little adult interaction during the day. Most of the time, my best conversation are with a 6-month-old. For me, writing is a way to get out all those thoughts that go around in my head.

I also adore the written word. I've always been a reader and never thought of myself as much of a writing until college. To be honest, I had a middle school teacher who told me that I should avoid writing at all cost because I was so terrible at it. Yes, he had the nerve to tell a 13-year-old kid that because I used the word "the" too many times in a composition. So it wasn't until I was in college, when I was getting A's on all my papers and positive words from my professors that I could look at writing as something that I could do, be good at and enjoy.

The hardest part is keeping the self-doubt from creeping in, as it often does. I have to remember, that to be an even better writing, I have to write every day and I have a little talent as a writer and the more I write, the better I will become. Singers don't get to be great singers without practicing and athletes don't get to be great athletes without continuing to practice their skills and continue to improve them.

To be a professional writer is a big dream for me. Yes, I've had some things published and I do freelance work, but my goal is to make this full-time for me. My greatest thrill ever, as a writer, was when I picked up the phone for our receptionist one day when I was at my old job and the person asked to speak the the author of the latest piece in the company's e-newsletter. In my head, I was thinking, Oh my God, she's talking about me!! Wow, I'm an author!!! Of course, being the professional that I am, I put her only hold and told her that I'd connect her and ran back to my office. When I was talking to the woman, she went on and on about how wonderful this article was and was so complimentary of my writing style. I needed to hear that.

I know I'll be successful at this endeavor someday. I might not be today or tomorrow, but I will keep working at it until I've made it.

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  1. Keep at it Kelly. I like writing too. I just feel like a knuckle head when the things in my head are written down in a permenant type fashion. When i am talking the words are there and then gone, but when you type them out and hit publish, they seem so much more permenent. As if they are begging someone to come and ridicule me for thinking them.